** I have so many recipes I want to share with you! I wanted to go ahead and set up this page… you guys deserve nice photos and recipe cards, so please excuse the delay while I populate this page one post at a time.

Recipes by Flavor

These links will take you to the recipes on The Wright PLAYce Eats (my baking blog).


Chocolate seems to be my most common flavor. It is very useful in giving a boost to some spices, as well as achieving deeper colors such as black.


Vanilla often works alongside other flavors, but can also stand on its own. The smell is most delightful.

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Nothing beats the smell of a perfect spice blend.
Very useful for when you want to fill your home with a welcoming scent, and your tummy with bold flavor.


There’s no better party favorite than caramel. No matter whether its drizzled or in block form, its sure to be a hit.

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Cake topper, filling,
cake flavor… there’s nothing that fruit can’t do.

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There’s no mistaking the flavor of mint. Its like brushing your teeth… but better.

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