I’m Back!

Look at all the tumbleweeds! A lot has happened since my last post. As many of you know, often life gets in the way of hobbies… and so here we are, brushing an inch of dust off this blog. I really love doing this, so I am going to be re-structuring some things to make it more manageable.

Ever trying to balance my time, it has become apparent that I do not have time for gaming AND baking (AND blogging) for the most part. I have a hard time finding time to sit down and play a full game, so for a large part of 2017 I gave up gaming. Then, in December, my already game-starved self picked up The Witcher 3. What resulted was a month of very unhealthy game time. I blew off real life responsibilities in favor of hunting down monster contracts. *I’m going to side-step here for a moment to mention that The Witcher 3 is an awesome game, and you will be seeing a post about that soon.* Obviously, I need to find a balance between family, work, health, responsibilities, gaming, baking, and blogging.

This is a perfect opportunity to bring in my husband, Robert. He’s going to work with me on the games side. You’ll most likely get to hear his opinions on games that we played together, or that I didn’t get to finish. The best part it, he has very different taste than me, so you’ll get to hear about a lot of games that I would never even touch. Diversity! Yes!

I’ll be splitting my blog into essentially two blogs. This one (The Wright PLAYce) will be my games blog where you will get to hear about the games we’ve been playing, and the game themed treats I bake. I would now like to introduce The Wright PLAYce Eats (http://eats.thewrightplayce.com/) which will essentially be an extension of this blog that houses all the recipes, as well as other adventures in cooking and baking.

I may be a little pre-mature in writing this post, as both blogs need some restructuring and touching up… but I’m excited! Zelda: BOTW and The Witcher 3 posts are itching to be written, and I’ve come up with orange cake and fruit tart recipes that are begging to be shared.

I look forward to seeing you soon!