Current Game of the House: The Witcher 3

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Hyrule, here I come!

Where I’m coming from

  • Console

    The new Switch looks great; unfortunately, all I have now is the Wii U, so that’s what I will be using to play this.

  • Lineup

    The last game was Horizon: Zero Dawn. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I am also looking forward to a completely different style of gameplay.

  • Timing

    My list of “must play” games is piling up. I feel a bit of pressure to rush through this game… I’m going to try my best to ignore that pressure. I wouldn’t be terribly dissappointed if I marathoned this one though. I have a feeling its going to be fun enough.

  • Pre-Play Thoughts

    There is a ton of hype around this game. I’m coming into it late, so I’ve been hearing about it constantly from people who already beat it. I hope it doesn’t end up being a disappointment from being over-hyped